Gates Defense Systems is leading the way in CBRNe sensor integration, visualization and detection with a focused range of offerings to help both operators and commanders with the increasing complexity in asymmetric threats. Our TAC2-5 program is a scalable platform that will ingest any sensor or legacy system feed, and allow the a command to decentralize that data in a way that best fits the operation. Whether a local HAMAT team, National Guard unit, or large federal agency, our solutions can significantly enhance training, operations, and after action review. GDS also incorporates some of the most unique visualization tools such as our SimTable which provides a portable 3D modeling, to replicate events anywhere in the world.

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Tactical Awareness Command and Control – CBRNe. An asymmetric warfare tool to support operators responding to, or training for, incidents involving a CBRNe threat.


The SimTable provides a “digital sand table” for customized agent based modeling to support CBRNe data visualization and a host of other emergency management scenarios.

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