Combat Systems & Support

Gates Defense Systems address a broad range of CSS challenges. We have developed or partnered to present a range of equipment to address the most demanding requirements in defense and security applications.

We work to achieve three main requirements:

  • Adaptability: flexibility in our people, design and construction for both adaptable platforms and force deployment models. GDS ensures that both people and platforms are enabled by flexible operational support.
  • Collaboration: openness, communication, fairness and commitment with manufacturer and client allows GDS to improve our ability to work with allies and partners around the world.
  • Innovation: we are adept and comfortable with trying new things–with experimenting, failing, measuring, trying again–all with a view towards finding new solutions to current and anticipated problems to deliver the best product at the right time.

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Gates Defense Systems is proud to offer MOSAIC from Airbox, one of the most comprehensive Situational Awareness tools available anywhere.

Plum Case

Whether you are a business with critical infrastructure and revenue flow dependent on continuous connectivity, or are commanding military assets down range in the most remote locations, your connectivity is of the highest priority.


Combined Asset Tracking and Encrypted Communications. This easily deployable kit offers the latest in secure digital communications.

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