For Ground Operations


Operational environments are becoming increasingly challenging, and the need for advanced collaborative platforms to meet those challenges has arrived. Airbox is the most secure, collaborative, and user-friendly Situational Awareness (SA) tool on the market.

It surpasses conventional user requirements, while remaining adaptable to any domain of operations – and with over 50,000+ missions each year, is tried and tested to the highest standards.

Unlike existing SA tools on the market, Airbox is adaptable for conventional, covert, and clandestine operations, as well as partner force distribution and blue force tracking – all while keeping ISO 27001 data security standards and advanced encryption at the forefront.


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Improved response times
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Increased presence on the ground
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Faster decision making
  • Operating system agnostic
  • Video and image sharing
  • Open source intel sharing
  • GIS support services
  • Interfaces for 3rd party data
  • Secure messaging
  • Cell, Wi-Fi, Sat-com, and UHF
  • Intelligence Overlays

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