GDS Open Source Intel Director, Heather Honey – on The Cipher Brief

St. Petersburg, FL – Disinformation operations are ramping up across the globe as the pandemic, protests, and general civil unrest intersect with foreign adversaries looking to further destabilize society. No better platform for this than social media.

As the Virtual Disinformation Series sponsored by GDS, Mission Solutions Group, EKS Group, and the International Spy Museum continues, Heather Honey addressed over 450 Cipher Brief attendees on how foreign actors are using social media to drive narratives and attempt to shape public opinion. Highlighting the use of “click farms”, false front US organizations tied to Russian backed entities – claiming to be “social media for good” companies – and many other methods currently in action. But most importantly, how we combat social media manipulation, was the underpinning theme. This has become a large focus area for many GDS OSINT clients over the past year and the company felt compelled to pull together the current partnership amongst the groups now involved.

Heather Honey is a career investigator who’s been with Gates Defense for two years serving our clients across the Department of Defense, US Department of State, The Federal Reserve, local law-enforcement agencies, and a wide range of fortune 500 companies.

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