Next-Gen Situational Awareness Application in Full Force at Special Operations Charity Event

Washington, DC – Gates Defense Systems successfully deployed its advanced situational awareness software application, Airbox Systems MOSAIC, during an operational exercise in the NoVa area in support of an undisclosed special operations non-profit. The event, designed to provide patron supporters the immersive experience of being an elite Special Operations warrior, was held over two days at a full spectrum training center featuring multiple lanes from close quarters battle (CQB) to an MH-6 “little bird” insertion culminating in a hostage rescue.

The software provided real time asset tracking, communications, and general situational awareness throughout the entire exercise – offering the active duty special forces operators a look at the next generation of situational awareness software, and the patrons a glimpse of the “technical side” of special operations. “ The Gates Defense software solution provided us and incredibly high fidelity common operational picture, allowing our team to maintain active geospatial situational awareness throughout the exercise”, one of the organizers remarked.

MOSAIC deployed in support of special operations training exercise

“Our intent is to design solutions that are Special Operations Forces (SOF) unique and have the end user at the nexus of decision making throughout the entire process, and our partner Airbox Systems, is a natural fit to help us with our objectives in the US” stated Michael Gates, founding partner of Gates Defense. “We moved our company from California right to the doorstep of MacDill Air Force Base so we could ensure that our company is in-tune with the requirements and relationships necessary to offer a truly advanced solution for our war fighters down range”, concluded Mr. Gates.

As US Special Operations Command pivots toward secure open architecture platforms, versus heavy proprietary legacy programs, solutions like Airbox Systems are defining the art of the possible may be with regards to to next-gen ISR visualization tools. With over 10,000 special operations and law enforcement users across the globe on Airbox Systems, the shaping of that next generation is well underway.

Airbox Systems MOSAIC – Mobile Application View

For more information on Airbox Systems MOSAIC and how Gates Defense Systems can help improve your operational visibility, visit our Airbox Systems MOSAIC page, or contact us to request a demonstration.

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