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The Situational Awareness Tool for Multi Domain Operations

Data Layering & Sensor Visualization

Global Collaboration with Teams

Secure with Minimal Digital Signature

Tag, Track, Locate (TTL) Platform

Operational environments are becoming increasingly challenging, and the need for advanced collaborative platforms to meet those challenges has arrived. Airbox is the most secure, collaborative, and user-friendly Situational Awareness (SA) tool on the market.

It surpasses conventional user requirements, while remaining adaptable to any domain of operations – and with over 50,000+ missions each year, is tried and tested to the highest standards.

Unlike existing SA tools on the market, Airbox is adaptable for conventional, covert, and clandestine operations, as well as partner force distribution and blue force tracking – all while keeping ISO 27001 data security standards and advanced encryption at the forefront.

  • Operating system agnostic
  • Video and image sharing
  • Open source intel sharing
  • GIS support services
  • Interfaces for 3rd party data
  • Secure messaging
  • Cell, Wi-Fi, Sat-com, and UHF
  • Intelligence Overlays

MOSAIC from Airbox

Gates Defense Systems is proud to offer MOSAIC from Airbox, one of the most comprehensive Situational Awareness tools available anywhere. Currently serving in some of the most prestigious UK government and law enforcement sectors and several elite units in the US, GDS will be deploying this technology with our US government partners to increase their operational capabilities in the dynamic environments they serve.

  • Secure end-to-end AES 256 Encryption
  • Conforming to US Standard FIPS 140
  • CESG Security Guidelines Compliant

Designed for frontline and field-based professionals working with or without central co-ordination, the software provides a Common Operating Picture for teams conducting safer, more efficient and accurate operations and tasks.

MOSAIC is a mobile operational support application for tablets, smartphones and wearable technology.

Proudly Used By

Los Angeles County Sheriff
UK Police
Star Flight
UK Royal Air force
UK Royal Army
UK Royal Navy

Gates Defense Systems is the Exclusive US Distributor for Airbox Systems © 2020

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