Portable High-speed Encrypted Network Deployable Anywhere


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One box, one switch to deploy a secure high-speed network anywhere in the world, keeping your team connected and on mission. Gates defense systems offers a truly functional and portable network solution for those operating in the most austere environments.

Key Benefits:

Do you have a contingency plan if your network is disrupted during operations? Whether you are a business with critical infrastructure and revenue flow dependent on continuous connectivity or are commanding military assets down range in the most remote locations, your connectivity is of the highest priority.


Plum Basic™

Our most basic model is still the best on the market, giving you high speed connectivity almost anywhere. This solution is perfect for small teams and remote work.

Plum Extended™

The Plum Extended™ is our most popular connectivity solution. Its coverage area is larger than the Plum Basic™ as it can utilize two cellular carriers, instead of just one. This solution is perfect for medium organizations for failover or remote connectivity.

Plum Enterprise™

The Plum Enterprise™ is designed to provide high speed internet to an entire data center or large organization. It is extremely reliable and secure, making it perfect for your business continuity plan.


The Plum SAT III™ uses cellular and satellite to create a network for mission critical situations. Powerful technology allows entire teams to connect through cellular proven to work in extremely remote locations, with the added assurance of the internal Iridium Certus satellite as a backup for cellular so you can always communicate.
Gates Defense Systems is an Authorized Reseller of Plum Case products

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