Tactical Awareness Command & Control – CBRNe

TAC2-5 employs GDS’s latest integration capability to address certain gaps in the CBRNe response, training, and simulation market by pulling together sophisticated plume modeling software with real time sensor monitoring, all on one application to be used in the C2 environment or shared in real-time to the tactical level. Completely scalable, it is capable of ingesting data from any sensor source to provide both operators and command enhanced decision support and visualization of an event, while having the ability to deconstruct post event scenarios as well. It can be viewable on multiple platforms such as SimTable, multi-screen command-based operating system, or any mobile device.

Use Cases

  • Deployable for HAZMAT response teams of any size needing real time event awareness
  • Parallels as a simulation program for training and deconstructing CBRNe events
  • CBRNe Command & Control operations ready
  • Plume model visualization


  • Fully customizable and user defined common operating picture for CBRNe events
  • Data integration from any detection sensor
  • Built in simulated plume modeling for predictive analysis
  • Accepts drone feeds and thermal imaging from any streaming camera
  • Scalable depending on operational needs
  • Browser based web/mobile portable with peer to peer sharing

Asset Tracking Capability

Combined with Airbox Systems, GDS can offer the end user a fully immersive experience when managing assets on the ground during a CBRNe event. This combined the ability to watch and direct assets on the ground while conducting plume modeling to offer the ability to forecast where and when to deploy assets.

Scenario-based Training

In a training environment the users can immerse in any given scenario which will detail all units and hazards on the ground. Using the simulation tools offered in the scenario provides a strong method of orienting the participant to the situation. Using this advantage, the participant may explore and activate plans to execute as the situation unfolds in real time.

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