Threat & Risk Intelligence Programs

Organizations are facing increasing complexities when it comes to conducting business both at home and abroad. From corporate espionage to insider threats, there are many security challenges that impact decision making, profitability, and employee wellbeing.

Gates Defense Systems (GDS) ethos is anchored in delivering such organizations the essential support in order to operate safely in high risk environments. Our products and services assist the US Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and private sector customers to deliver the highest standard of data analytics and visualization.

As part of the Threat & Risk Intelligence Program, GDS consults organizations to understand the security requirements and assess potential threats to network or infrastructure. Whether cyber, supply chain, executive travel monitoring, or physical infrastructure, we blend a global reach of human intelligence (HUMINT) resources with the absolute latest in analytical software, currently used by multiple government agencies and Fortune 100 companies, to design scalable security solutions to meet any consumer needs.


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