Global Response Program

Global Response Program

Our capabilities extend beyond the collection of information and reporting of intelligence. The in-house subject matter expertise and global resources at GDS offer our client base extended capability when it comes to investigations and response to an attack on brand, reputation, or intellectual property.

GDS global investigations team will identify sources of counterfeit, pirated, or black-market goods, including information on the individuals and entities responsible for production, distribution and sales, and create a plan of action for recovery and further mitigation. By investigating your supply chain network(s) GDS will identify distribution channel weaknesses and gather evidence through anonymous documented purchases, all while maintaining integrity of evidence. If necessary, GDS will coordinate and execute civil seizure(s) to recover counterfeit merchandise, conducted in coordination with appropriate law enforcement organizations. Our goal is to help organizations develop and execute and successful course of action to protect their business from further illegal activity.

  • OSINT driven investigations
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Dark web monitoring and analysis
  • Proactive enforcement
  • Civil Seizures

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