Threat & Risk Assessment

Threat & Risk Assessment

GDS offers Threat & Risk Assessments that combine the latest analytical technology with former intelligence community expertise, to deliver high-fidelity, actionable intelligence in order to stay in front of new and emerging threats. Whether monitoring executives in high risk environments overseas, or designing a security plan for a large-scale event, our scalable solutions provide a complete threat intelligence package and data fusion to ensure your making informed decisions from the most relevant information.

By determining the implication(s) of security weakness and vulnerabilities through our expert intelligence and analysis, GDS can help organization(s) with the following:

  • Quickly assess threats that matter most to your organization with actionable intelligence
  • Insert cyber policy and programs to your exiting security plan
  • Minimize exposure to attack by safeguarding and target hardening your infrastructure and networks
  • Enhance analytical capability by strategically deploying artificial intelligence alongside other sophisticated analytical tools
  • Provide decision makers with clear understanding of the threats and risks against your assets and programs for mitigation
  • Enhance the safety and wellbeing of your workforce

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