Travel Risk & Security Training

Our Capabilities

Understanding the threat landscape is an essential part of fulfilling duty of care for staff while in the workplace or traveling. Gates Defense Systems (GDS) provides travel security and risk mitigation training for employees conducting business in high risk environments.

GDS has Subject Matter Experts with essential backgrounds, from the Intelligence Community (IC), airline industry, and special operations. Throughout the training, they will assess the internal and external vulnerabilities that could present threats and create risk for the travelers overseas. Our program will equip employees with the knowledge and tools they need to make safer and smarter decisions while traveling.

What you will learn

By taking part in our travel security training program, participants will gain increased situational awareness to effectively recognize potential threats and risks. By understanding and applying enhanced security methods and analysis techniques, they will be able to mitigate many security risks, even before departing on a trip. As a result, they will feel more confident and aware while conducting business abroad.

This customized program will address the relevant threats associated with your organization’s mission using the latest industry techniques to provide for the following:

  • Pre mission employee briefings
  • Situational awareness
  • Cultural dynamics in the business environment
  • Communication and network security
  • Vetting local agents
  • Medical response
  • Useful contacts – Open Source
  • Cyber threats
  • Crime patterns and travel scams
  • Hotel security
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED’s) – vehicle searches
  • Country Evacuation Plan & Emergencies
  • Kidnap & Response

Training can be conducted CONUS or OCONUS at one of our secure facilities or location of clients choosing.

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