Next-Gen Intelligence gathering application


With its roots as an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collector and interrogator, VanguardX is web-based tool designed to ingest multiple disparate data sources to create an information intelligence and decision-making tool. It’s uniquely scalable from providing localized or regional threat assessments, to a full-on command & control capability equipped with geospatial overlays, plume modeling, and real time deep/dark web monitoring. You’ll find our team works as a solution partner with our clients to ensure seamless implementation of vetted solutions into your operations.

Our VanGuardX solutions showcase our ability to understand, identify, synthesize, and amplify technology-based innovations along with our goal of speeding adoption, enhancing scalability, and ensuring sustainability of the solution we’ve designed to support our customers.

We utilize an innovative solution that addresses accessing disparate data in multiple formats from different schemas, interfaces and locations. We then enhance these tools so that they are tailored to our clients’ individual technology needs for usable outcomes – ensuring customers return of investment. It empowers clients to simplify their day-to-day work with an intuitive, fully-integrated, visual environment for accessing, analyzing visualizing disparate data, and sharing content with multiple analytics – including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Unlike most applicant/vendors, that may propose a single technology (based on their corporate offering), we actively:

  • Look for the best combination of tools, capabilities, etc. across multiple interdependences (maturity, tech, culture)
  • Assess them in terms of meeting your specific missions and/or operational needs using proprietary databases, algorithms, and approach
  • Select a handful for integrated tech insertion development and demonstrations to provide you a hands-on evaluation.

Our unique approach – combined with the support services we offer – can cut the multi-year development cycle of new capabilities.


  • Ease-of-use data-driven analytics, visualization, process workflow and collaboration
  • Discovery of actionable intelligence from disparate data sources to guide operational decisions
  • Patented browser-based visual environment offers flexible self-service data analytics across mobile and fixed user devices and networks
  • Easy creation of user-defined dashboards, drill-down visibility, KPI status and tailored reports
  • Real-time detection and alerting of cyber, physical, geospatial and other risk anomalies
  • Dynamic collaboration and information sharing with multi-level security attribution


  • Automated functions for all user levels that eliminates programming, yet allows customization
  • Multi-source disparate data collection and unique drag-and-drop correlation for data discovery
  • Unique digital objects composition enables at-a-glance visibility of database, document, file, map, website, image, video and real-time data
  • User Defined Operating Picture (UDOP) flexibility supports all operational use cases
  • Actionable Analysis Framework allows integration of customer-designed analytic models
  • Industry-exclusive Straight Through Processing (STP) engine for user-defined or software-defined automation of data flows, process definition and executable actions


  • Scalable to any size operational need
  • Low impact in-house or in-region training available
  • Dark Web collection, monitoring, and analytics
  • High Fidelity Mapping
  • 3-D and Plume Modeling/li>
  • Low code/ No Code environment
  • 24-hour service support
  • GDS security design team available at all stages of the project
  • Certified on DOD networks (SIPR & NIPR)

Use Cases:

  • Intelligence reporting
  • Real time threat assessments
  • Command & Control
  • Multiple C4ISTAR applications
  • Emergency Management
  • Information Operations
  • OSINT Collection and Analytics
  • Event Security Management
  • Wide range of commercial/private sector applications

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